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IBE (Identity Based Cryptography) - A better PKC? (Coming soon)
Proposal for a new global PKI


Introduction to Firewalls
Advanced Firewall topics on Firewall Policy and Network Architecture

General Network Infrastructure

Building a robust DHCP infrastructure

VLAN Trunking
Introduction to VLAN Trunking
Implementing VLAN Trunking on Switches, Routers, and individual servers


EAP-FAST:  The LEAP and PEAP killer?
Is Cisco's new EAP-FAST protocol really "as easy as LEAP" and "as secure as PEAP"?  See for yourself in this first of a kind article on EAP-FAST.

LEAP:  A looming disaster in Enterprise wireless LANs
If you're like most Enterprises running Cisco's proprietary LEAP authentication protocol, you better read this paper and discover why you better start migrating fast.

Wireless LAN Security with 802.1x and the Various EAP methods of Authentication

Disaster recovery

How to recover a dead Exchange server in 30 minutes

Why Do-not-spam lists are mailbox suicide